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Key Goals for our chapter in 2019

There is “strong” and then there is “Army Strong!”

In order to plan an order of battle for our chapter in 2019, the following goals are provided:

  1. TRICARE and TRICARE for Life benefits protected from erosion, or excessive fees

  2. VA and DoD collaboration for services to support all Veterans

  3. Family Support Program growth

  4. Military pay increases

  5. Concurrent receipt for retirees

  6. Military survivors penalty termination

  7. Equal treatment for Active, USAR, and NG

  8. Collaboration with Houston-area Veteran groups

  9. Participation in Houston-area military activities

  10. Coordination with local elected officials to promote our goals

We are strongly supportive of not only our Army Soldiers, but also all of the service branches by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them to achieve these goals and others as we progress throughout the coming year. We welcome your input and participation!

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