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Honoring Our Past and Future Heroes.

  1. Allen soldiers of Texas wall at the HEARTS veterans Museum in Huntsville Texas.

While our country reflected on the horrors of September 11, many of the US Army recruits proudly lined up near the backdrops of a memorial wall that included all the fallen Texas soldiers since 911. As they took their oath of allegiance, it’s hard to imagine how these young and brave recruits knowingly took on jobs to defend our nation and the constitution that may result in them having to make the ultimate sacrifices.

U.S. Army Houston Recruiting Battalion Commander - LTC Barry Winnegan talked about the importance of a strong citizenry that allows for a world class military capable of supporting the challenges our Nation continues to face in a multipolar world. It is evident that In an effort to preserve the legacy of our soldiers USEREC and AUSA Houston holds many military and army swearing in ceremonies on national symbolic days. This not only improves local community morales but attracts new blood into the military.

  1. Swearing in ceremony for the future soldiers.

Gen. Carter Ham President of Association of the US Army (AUSA) talked about how memorials play a significant part in not only honoring the fallen but allows for the families and citizenry to mourn, remember and reflect the lives lived. He thanked the future soldiers swearing in for their service and courage.

  1. WWI wall to honor the soldiers of that era at the HEARTS Museum.

After successfully conducting a 24hrs raise the flag walk-run relay marathon, Chapter President Liza Garza went on to bring together local community leaders from all walks of life to Sign an Army Community Covenant in support of the US Army community relationship initiatives.

Overall the event ended with the Huntsville city leadership thanked the US Army recruiting battalion to maintain a presence in their communities and opening up the important discourse between the local community and the Army.

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